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Aptly described as "a melting pot of good people of every stripe," Tattooed Mom is a Philadelphia institution — part dive bar, part psychedelic grandma. Occupying its space on the 500 block of South Street for over 20 years, few watering holes can claim the disparate crowds that call Tmoms home: skaters, bikers, punks, street artists, writers, and nerdy tech workers (hi!) alike.

There's something special about the first time someone steps into Tattooed Mom, the neon green walls seem to envelop you with every step, before long you'll start to notice the funky 70's furniture, then maybe horror movie villain action figures along the ceilings, emoji throw pillows, and complimentary Dum Dums.

My responsibilities included content strategy, information design, art direction, visual design, and front-end development.

This project was produced as part of a team, as an employee of Mayday.